Bet on Baseball

How to Bet on Baseball: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Sports betting can lead to huge gains. Nonetheless, it can also result in disastrous losses. To increase the chances of a profitable outcome, it’s crucial to learn the right way to bet on baseball.

Luckily, sports wagering is easy. It can be overwhelming for beginners, especially because of the many technical terms and rules. However, once you know the fundamentals, things can be a lot easier.

Let’s dive in and learn how to wager on baseball.

Entering the game: beginner's guide to betting on baseball.
Entering the game: beginner’s guide to betting on baseball.

How Do I Bet on Baseball?

The process depends on the specific type of wager you’re placing.

Among others, one of the most popular is a moneyline. Baseball is a low-scoring sport, and the game’s outcome can be decided by one run. As such, most people don’t bet on scores but on the outcome of the game (who will win).

In most cases, a moneyline bet is expressed in hundreds. Meanwhile, a plus sign before the number shows the underdog while a minus sign shows the favourite.

Let’s say the odds for Team A are -150. This means if your bet on the favourite team wins, you’ll win $1 for every $1.50 bet. So, if you bet $150, you can win $100.

Meanwhile, let’s say that the underdog has a moneyline of $1.30. Every $1 bet wins you $1.30, which means that your $100 can become $130 if the underdog wins.

So, under this bet, all you have to do is pick a team you believe will win. Other bets are available, which we’ll be talking about shortly later.

Things to Think About Before Betting

Don’t be too excited to place your first bet. Here are some things to think about, which can help increase the chances of winning:

  • Avoid betting on big favourites. In most cases, the payout is small. On the other hand, when the team loses, you’ll also lose big time.
  • Take the time to check forecasts. Do your research, so you’ll know what people are betting on.
  • Shop through several sports betting platforms and find one that offers the most competitive odds.
  • Consider how much to bet. Don’t bet more than what you can afford to lose.

Always Look for the Best Bet Before You Choose an Operator

As earlier mentioned, it’s important that you shop around. Search for the best bets possible, especially the odds. Look for those that are more competitive, which can also increase your payout.

In addition, consider the specific bet that you would like to place. By doing so, you can easily find an operator that can provide your needs.

Different Types of Bet 

Earlier, we already talked about the moneyline bet. While it’s the most popular, it’s not the only way to wager on baseball. Below are other bets:

  • Totals: Another basic baseball bet, you’re betting on the combination of the total scores of both teams. It would help if you chose over or under. If you bet on 8.5 and the score of both teams is 7, then you lose.
  • Futures: As the name implies, it’s s bet on a future outcome. For instance, it could be a bet on the team who’ll win the World Series, so it’s a long-term wager.
  • Props: This bet does not relate to the overall score. Instead, it’s a wager on things like who will have the first home run or how many outs will be made by a pitcher.

Yes, it’s legal to bet on baseball. In Canada, you can wager on eligible sports since 2021. It started with retail sports betting, after which, there were online platforms where you can legally bet on baseball.